Home Recording Studio Equipment Setup

List For Beginners

The 8 Essentails You Need To Get Started:

home-recording-studio- setup

Creating your very own home studio seems like a lot of hard work…Huh?

I mean, knowing what equipment you need, what brands, how to set it all up?

Then doing it all under a certain budget can make the whole thing seem a bit daunting…

A lot of people think this way really you can get EASILY GET STARTED just with a small list of equipment.

So today we are going to take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to build your very first home recording studio on the cheap.

So let’s get about it… First off do you remember the old saying?

Keep it Simple Stupid! :)

We know your not stupid :) But this totally applies to building your own home recording studio.

Mainly because you can waste a great deal of your precious time and $$$ on equipment you dont really need to get results.

So you might be wondering now…

What’s A Decent Home Studio Setup Cost?

Building a home recording studio can be an expensive game… and many musicians often opt for the cheaper route for recording their tunes.

Truth is you can make a little budget home studio for as little as $350…if that’s your budget then it’s one way to go right?…

Thing is, is you really get what you pay for…these budget setups are really going to hold you back  from what’s possible quality wise…and  it can make the difference between success and failure.

If you’re really serious about making music then you need to look at other alternatives.

Here’s What We Recommend:

The Best Beginners Home Recording Studio

You will need the following 8 things:

  1. A Quality Microphone
  2. Headphones
  3. A Solid Mic Stand
  4. A Halfway Decent Computer
  5. Audio Interface + Digital Audio Workstation
  6. Studio Monitors
  7. Quality XLR Cables
  8. Surge Protector

This will give you a simple and effective home recording setup, suitable for any aspiring musician to started recording at home.

And Here’s Why:

  1. You can get started right away without wasting precious time and spending a fortune.
  2. You’ll have a solid, quality set up to begin with. Once your skills progress to a point where you want to upgrade you can, later on down the track.

We’ve done the research and here’s the 7 pieces of equipment your going to need to build your first home recording studio:

1. A Quality Microphone

There’s really loads of home studio mics out there for you to choose from…

But we have found the best one to help get you started

The perfect “starter microphone” that is most popular on the market is:

The Shure SM57 – (Best Price | Honest Reviews), why you may ask?

  • Because It’s Affordable
  • It’s An All-Purpose Microphone
  • Recieved Global Recognition As An Industry Standard For Microphones.

2. Headphones

Same as Mics there are tons of headphones for you to chose from…

But when your just starting out all you need is one good set.

Why? because you’r going to be doing most of the recording on your own

So when studio recording, there are 2 different types that are the industry standard:

  1. Closed back headphones for tracking – Gives you the most favourable isolation quality at the cost of sound quality.
  2. Open back headphones for mixing – Gives you the most favourable sound quality at the cost of isolation quality.

So, open back headphones are a great but extravagant choice for any beginner’s studio…but at an absolute minimum you will need a set of closed back headphones…

To go with your shiny new pair of headphones we highly recommend getting a quality extension cable… as most are going to be too short

Very Important: Extension cables need to be high quality or it’s going to mess with your sound. Get the best you can afford – don’t skimp on this item ok?

Here’s our own personal favourite: Mogami Headphone Extension Cable 25′

Up next we have…

3. A Solid Microphone Stand

Think all mic stands are created equal?

Beginners often think so but nothing could be further from the truth…

A well-made microphone stand is without a doubt one of the best investments an aspiring musician can make for their home studio.

Now, mic stands can be expensive and if your on a budget a good cheap stand such as this is will do fine when you’re first beginning your recording efforts.

4. A Halfway Decent Computer

When you’re first creating your studio you’re going to find the computer to be the most expensive item by far:

In a perfect world you would go out and buy the best one you could afford for the money.

Safe guess to say that you already have a fairly modern computer and if that’s the case it’s probobly going to do just fine.

So for the time being we recommend just using your existing machine for the time being.

Once you get to the point in time later on where you feel like an upgrade here’s the machine that we recommend getting.

5. Audio Interface/Digital Audio Workstation Combo

In case you haven’t heard…

The Digital Audio Workstation is the software you’ll need to record, mix and edit your musical creations on your PC or Mac.

Your Audio Interface is the hardware you’ll need to actually hook up your recording equipment to the computer.

You can get them separately OR in a combo pack. If your just starting out we strongly recommend getting the combo pack.

Why? Because with the combo pack…

  • You have one less thing to worry about buying
  • You’ll save loads of money getting the two together
  • Hardware & software are guaranteed to work together + you’ll get better tech support.

Next on the list we have…

6. Studio Monitors

Even though a large number of home studios do most of their mixing using open back headphones…

Conventionally, mixing is most often done using speakers…

Or as better known in the professional audio world: studio monitors.

In comparison to standard speakers, which use various tonal “enhancements” for the sound you get…

Studio monitors offer you a more flatter frequency output, which in turn gives a more basic unmodified sound, to help you better judge your music.

Although some options be a tad expensive we have sourced a set for you that’s affordable and will do the job just fine.

And finally the last item you’ll need is:

7. Quality XLR Cables

In time you’re going to accumulate dozens of different cables…

But in the beginning, your going to need just 3:

  • 1 x Long XLR microphone cable, and…
  • 2 x Short cables for your monitors

For your first studio in a small 10 x 10 foot room these are the EXACT CABLES we recommend:

If not they will have TRS connectors & if thats the case you’ll need to pick up a set of these:

8. Surge Protector

This one is an absolute must to protect your precious gear from:

  • Power Surges – Can destroy your equipment in an instant
  • Electrical Interference – Can mess with your sound big time!
  • Power Fluctuations – Can reduce the life span of your equipment.

If your looking for a cheap and high quality power conditioner then we highly recommend the Furman M-8×2

Powered at over 15 AMPS, this unit has a 9 plug outlet setup that provides protection you’ll ever need for electrical dangers.

Priced at under $99 and with the best quality reviews in its class you can rest assured this baby will keep your gear safe from electric interference for years to come:

  • Click Here To Check The Current Price
  • Click Here To Read Previous Reviews

And That’s It Your Done!

Now your ready to rock! We hope you have found this information useful and helps you on your journey to creating your very first home studio. For more information please check out this link and watch the video below: