Men all over the world are greatly affected by the size of their manhood. Those with smaller penises tend to feel weak and inadequate while those with what is considered to be the ideal sized penis feel stronger and in control. For those with a small penis, the issue is sometimes so serious that it affects not just their sexual life but their overall life as well. Most of them end up developing a low self-esteem. Most people in desperation resort to expensive supplements in the hopes that they will end up with a bigger dick at the end of it. Truth is now days many find going down this road to be a costly and fruitless endevour.

Make your dick bigger without supplements

So your probobly asking yourself now just how to make your dick bigger without supplements?

One natural method is use is milking or Jelqing. I'm sure you’ve seen a cow getting milked you just apply the principle to your dick. Using your dominant hand, make an OK sign. Put the hand at the bottom of your penis and then gradually move the hand towards the head of your manhood but let go just before reaching it. This makes up one complete rep. Repeat the procedure again for about 20 times as a beginner workout and then you can slowly change this. Basically it's a natural technique that increases blood pressure and circulation which can help the penis grow.

To ensure good outcomes you have to do it continuously. Milking for a week won't bring results. For best results you should do it for a minimum of six weeks. The best thing about this method is that the outcome is permanent It isn’t something that just goes away after you grow.

It's also worth noting that a dick could be above the average size which is about 5 inches but looks smaller. So rather than struggling to make it bigger, one can focus on making it look bigger instead. One way of doing that is by losing weight. Most over weight people's dicks look small. This is because the increased amount of fat around the genitals crowds the area. Shedding off some weight may assist the penis gain length since there is no more fat around the base of the penis. So it's advisable to lose a large chunk of the weight and the confidence will come back.

Another way is by shaving pubic hair. Pubic hair takes a lot of space and covers most of your pubic area thus making your dick look small. Additionally, reducing pubic hair increases sensitivity at the base of the dick giving you more pleasure during intercourse.

Watching what you eat can also help in improving the size of your dick. Give attention to foods with beneficial properties that will help stimulate the enlargement and overall health of sexual organ for more information on the penis and how it works see

There are some methods out there that even though are natural they aren't safe. Mostly these are any type of device or pumps or weights. Research shows that there aren't any tangible results that can be seen using those methods. The problem with pumps is it will work for about two minutes and then it’s gone. What it does is pull the muscles then leave them hanging. The penis becomes weak and one suffers from erection distinction among other complications that's because you put too much strain on the penis.